Innovation with global impact potential for CO2 reduction

We produce the worlds most efficient, cost effective and scalable heating system for homes and industry. We also produce and supply the CO2 neutral fuels with these two technologies we help users meet their climate neutrality ambitions.

Heatneutral have developed the worlds most efficient fuel combustion system, which is a direct low cost drop in solution for the millions of heating oil burners currently in service around the world. Our technology is ultra efficient and able to reach close to 100% combustion, thus eliminating emissions and particulate matter. Our technology can also accommodate multiple fuel types with the same level of efficiency. The key advantage of this is that it enables a smooth transition from burning fossil fuels to other biogenic CO2 neutral fuel types (low viscosity, high viscosity and dust fuels). Our technology is made in Switzerland and is the only technology to be approved for biofuel use in Switzerland. We have proudly achieved this status after an exhaustive testing process carried out independently by the Swiss Federal office of the Environment.

As our ambition is to be a heat energy solution provider, we have also developed a proprietary fuel production process. We are able to convert waste and other oils and fats into CO2 neutral fuel. This means that, for our customers we are able to facilitate the transition from fossil fuel to CO2 neutral by first substituting their existing obsolete burners with our innovative technology and then supplying fuels suited to their requirements.

As an energy technology company we are committed to maximizing our positive impact on the environment. This means that we will use all innovative technologies at hand to improve efficiency and convenience for our customers. We are currently working on our digital supply platform which will optimize routing of our fuel delivery transports and ensure that our customers have fuel when and where they need it with the minimum impact on the environment.

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